Why host with us?

I am in Fiji. If I host with you, do I still need an Internet account with Connect (formerly Internet Services)?


Yes, except if you want to run to the next Internet café to check your e-mail.

Should you consider hosting your own website with us, you will definitely need an account - if only for uploading your modified web.

By the way: Connect offers some very attractive account plans, starting with F$10.60 per month with 3 hours of Internet access. Check out their website for further details.


8 reasons to host your website with Fijihosting.com

#1: Affordable Hosting

Many web hosting providers put the cost of hosting out of reach for small business owners. And with so-called "free" hosting providers, your visitors end up with annoying, unsolicited advertisements and pop-up windows. If you subhost with us, we offer very interesting rates. And later you are able to upgrade to your own hosting plan - your own website with your desired name (e.g. www.yourname.com)

#2: Immediate Account Activation

Together with our own hosting provider, we can achieve account activation - assumed, you want your own website - within hours.

#3: Maximum Reliability

The servers of our own hosting provider are strategically located at the Intersection of the major Internet backbones in San Jose California. The network has multiple fiber optic gigabit connections, and is directly peered with major networks. You are offered maximum reliability with battery backup and emergency generator power, a climate controlled environment, with 24 hour 365 day monitoring of network connections.

#4: Domain Hosting

You can either subhost under own website (e.g. www.fijihosting.com/yourcompanyname) or you can have your own domain names hosted - eg. www.yourdomainname.com (This does not include your own domain registration from the Domain Name Service Authority in Fiji or any your country. For example, registration from USP it is F$100 per year).

#5: E-mail Addresses

With our subhosting plan, we will give you your own e-mail account, e.g yourname@fijihosting.com. If you have your own hosting plan, you will be able to setup multiple email addresses, aliases & POP3 accounts.

#6: Optional E-commerce

Our own hosting plan already provides for Merchant Services, a user friendly set of web based tools designed to get you trading on the internet in no time at all. Through the web based interface you can manage your products, process orders, customize your sites appearance and much more. PS: We are currently not using this feature, but it is still nice to know that the provision for online trading on the web is already there. If you have your own hosting plan, you can are free to use Merchant Services.

#7: mySQL Access

Again, our own hosting plan has already this feature. PS: We are currently not using mySQL, but it is assuring to know that with your own hosting plan you would be able to control your mySQL database from your Web Browser within the security of a protected member service area. There is no need to learn special query languages to integrate dynamic content into your website.

#8: 2 Week Free Trial

If you have already developed your own website, we can offer you to try the services of our own hosting provider. For a modest one-off upload and administration fee of F$50, we are happy to provide you with a free trial account for 2 weeks.

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