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Early 2005 the spoofing of our older email addresses increased tremendously. We thus have deleted all old accounts. Any inconvenience is regretted (30/8/2005)

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Since 1999, two of our partners have been hosting their company's web pages together under a jointly registered domain name.

It was in March 2002, when they suddenly realised that their website has been deregistered.  The reason: they forgot to pay the annual registration fee. But that was not all. They also learned that the domain name itself has been sold to someone else, a company just having started its operation in Fiji.

So the two companies decided to register a new domain name, www.fijihosting.com. One that associates our country with the intended function of providing affordable web hosting space for themselves and other interested parties.

They discussed their new intentions with some business friends. The response was encouraging: a lot of smaller organisations and companies in Fiji don't have enough marketing and advertising funds to afford their own web presence.

Our hosting philosophy

Our philosophy is not to get rich with our idea, but to share the hosting costs between different parties. What we always want covered is our Internet connection time for uploading and maintenance and the time spent on moving individual websites underneath Fijihosting. Look at it as some kind of community service to interested persons and business entities.

We have found a reliable and affordable hosting provider who offers us excellent support, fast server and communication hardware with high availability. And we don't have to pay anything extra for having FrontPage 2000 Server Extensions installed on their system. In addition, it has the provision for an e-commerce store.

To be honest, there are are a few drawbacks:

bulletOur hosting provider offers the possibility to subhost a website underneath Fijihosting in the format: www.yourname.fijihosting.com. This is a nice feature, however we cannot publish FrontPage subwebs, therefore it is useless to us
bulletIf you subhost with us, you cannot publish your website directly (actually, you could, but only cumbersome using FTP; furthermore, FrontPage webs would not work). This means, you have to supply your web site updates to us as a zipped file (we recommend Winzip for compressing tasks) and we will publish it for you. We agree that this is a little bit awkward for companies that change their sites often. Thus, for those who require daily or weekly website updates, we recommend to use one of our other hosting plans (Basic, Premium, Gold, Platinum) were you can publish directly from your PC.

However, we feel that the advantages of our hosting solutions far outweigh above 'glitches'.

Remember: we can host your website 2 weeks for free.  To be exact, you only have to pay a modest one-off upload and administration fee of F$50. If you use our automated join service and upload your website yourself, there are no cost at all!

Shall we register your domain name?

Using the Internet and computer magazines we also shopped around to check prices for domain name registration. We have never found anyone offering cheaper rates: if you host with us we will register your own website name (.com, .org, .info, biz) for only F$40 per year. We invite you to hunt around for any cheaper deal. 

Do you need help with designing your website?

Although some of our team have been building websites since 1996, site design is not our bread-and-butter business. 

For more sophisticated design requirements, we can offer you services from our freelancing, professional webmasters and graphic designers. If you want us to do the website developing job for you, get in contact with us (information @ fijihosting.com) 

We can't satisfy your web presence requirements? Then check out some of the other Fiji web design companies, e.g. Connect (formerly Internet Services), Internet Fiji, Nista Design, Webmasters, or the latest newcomer Oceanic). 

How do you want to promote your website?

What is the most beautiful, sophisticated website worth if hardly anyone visits it? While you can do the promotion yourself, metatag your web pages and submit your site to major search engines and directory services, we may help you out with this time-consuming task. 

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