10-page Package Deal

The difference between static and dynamic webs


A static web is a site where the content hardly or seldom changes. 

A dynamic web, on the other hand, it a site where the content changes frequently - weekly, daily or even hourly.

Our package deal is therefore more of interest to businesses and organisations who don't need to update their website often. 

So what if after a month you find out that you need some changes in you web?

No problem. Fijihosting will make the required modifications for you and upload the changed content to the Internet. We only charge for the actual time required. Plus our rates are amongst the lowest in Fiji.



Now it is affordable for every business or organisation to have a web presence on the Internet.

Our package deal has been developed with smaller companies in mind who can neither afford a full-fledged website nor expensive monthly hosting cost.

For just F$990, Fijihosting gives you


a fully developed website with up to 10 pages


your choice of order or feedback form


web space of 10 MB 


1 POP3 e-mail account


2 e-mail alias accounts


12 month hosting as subweb at Fijihosting.com


full ownership of your published website


free site submission to two major search engines and one directory

So how do you prepare yourself for the 10-page package deal? Fijihosting has compiled a step-by-step guide to to make sure that you get the most from our offer. Click here to get the details.

Do you need any further information before taking advantage of this offer? Check out the 'Frequently Asked Questions' with answers to the 10-page package deal.


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