What is web hosting?

"Free" Hosting?


As you know, there is virtually nothing free

The so-called "free" hosting providers will give you usually 20 MB of free space on their server. The only drawback is that your visitor will be bombarded with unsolicited advertisements, be it as a banner on top of your own web pages, be it as very annoying pop-up windows (believe us, we have used free hosting on various occasions; it's excellent for your own private family website but never ideal for business or non-profit organisations). In addition, these free sites are very slow and sometimes you can't upload your website due to heavy traffic of other users.

Famous "free" hosting providers:







Your own website is only available to the public, if it is hosted on a respective web server.

Larger organisations can afford their own server hardware, fast connections to the Internet and webserver software.


For smaller companies, however, this approach is too expensive. As a result, they publish their website to a designated area on a web server of a hosting provider.

Hosting providers offer you normally the choice, to register your own domain name (e.g. www.yourcompany.com, www.yourorganisation.org, www.yourname.com.fj, etc.), either through the hosting provider or a third-party organisation (in Fiji it is the University of the South Pacific who look after all domain names with the suffix fj). Depending were you register your name, you pay between F$40 to F$100 per year.


An alternative for smaller web sites is to subhost with a hosting provider. In this case, your site will be hosted underneath an existing website. In our case, your website would have a name like www.fijihosting.com/yourorganisation.

We have chosen a webname that not only makes an association to our country, Fiji Islands, but also implicates that you are subhosting on that name.

Should you, at a later stage, decide to register your own domain name and to host your website separately, we can easily accommodate that. You could stay with our own web hosting provider. Or you can move your website to a hosting provider of your choice.


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