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The Google Desktop (beta version) is available for easy indexing of your PC. Good stuff!
Test your IQ with this lovely Tickle test
Want to know how Fiji looks from space. Check out these NASA photos.
There is the real Al-Jazeera website - and there is a fake one
Are you Darwinist, Creationist or prefer Intelligent Design? Then read this!
A search engine that searches multiple engines
Telecom Fiji and FINTEL may not like it, but better rates with this free VoIP software are attractive

Ever had the "unable to render video; DIV3 decompressor not found" error? 
Click here to download

On 6 November 2003, the Fiji Visitors Burau launched their new website design.

Koji Yamagami, the master in using 3D software ("Brazil"). Are only humans better?

Excellent utilities for testing how secure your PC is. Good stuff!
Fijian Studies: good research stuff and other stories about Fiji.
Afraid of Spyware on you computer? Check out this free removal tool. BTW, the programmer is a 26-year old German, Patrick Kolla.
A lot of people ask us for jobs in Fiji. Check out this link
The Onion, America's Finest News Source
Still one of the best satirical sites. Or is the Whitehouse better?
Graphical - and rather funky - display of your web search
Another graphical web search - for Google friends
Want a website with ever changing content but the design should be the same? Here an example of a content management software (US$299)
Free GIF animations
Real funny Flash animations
A lot of free CGI scripts 
All about XML
For PERL programmers
Beautiful free FrontPage tutorial 
According to "Der Spiegel" one well designed site 

The fastest 500 computers in the world

Free MSCE exam questions
All about MCSE exams 
Free 360 degree panorama software
Domain Names Resource Directory





Here we will provide downloads and other interesting links for you. If you have an interesting link, please write to weblink @

Older news & stories

The audio of an Australian TV story about Fiji (November 2005, WAV file, 4.5 MB)
only works with Real Player (get it for free here) or Windows XP Audiorecorder
Excellent site about the live of Fiji's first president, Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara. Also has a lot of links to other influential people of Fiji.
Fiji's Army Commander's contract has been renewed. Click here to for earlier interview with Frank Bainimarama
Article about Iraq after Mohammed Baqir al-Hakim has been massacred - also good background about the differences between Sunni and Shiite muslims.
The planning of the September 11 attack. Heavy stuff!
A look behind diplomacy the week before the Iraqi war. Reading recommended!
Everything you always wanted to know about kava. Unfortunately in German but with computer-translation version in English. Check them out both to evaluate the power and limitations of translation software.
original German version

English translation
Political opinions after the September 2001 elections in Fiji.
German logbook of the Twin Tower attack 
Not only for kids - 56 pages of fairytales from the Grimm brothers

Software downloads

Nowadays, you can't live without this tool
WS FTP Lite Our preferred choice for FTP transfer


Note: Fijihosting takes no responsibility for the content of these tutorials - we only did some formatting
All about passwords
Introduction to Cascading Style Sheets
Introduction to JavaScript
What is SSI?
Tutorial about Metatags 
Introduction to web design & website marketing 
Getting started promoting your website
Web self-promotion tutorial
How the web and web statistics work
Booby-traps of Internet projects (in German)
J-Bots: overview of utilities for FrontPage
How search engines work
ABC of supply chain management

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