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If you have already setup SMTP in another application such as Eudora or Netscape you can import the mail settings from another client by going to File --> Import --> Mail Account Settings. You may find this may save you the hassle.

By the way, use your ISP's SMTP account whenever possible - it is faster.


Setting up Outlook Express with SMTP

1. Open Outlook Express and click on Tools from the menu bar. Select Accounts from the drop down menu. 

2. Click on the Add Button and select Mail. 


3. Enter your name and Click the Next button at the bottom of the Screen. 

4. Select I already have... and enter the email address that you would like people to send email to. Once entered click the Next Button 

5. Select POP3 from the select box and enter mail.fijihosting.com in both fields and click next.
Note: For users in Fiji, it is much faster if you enter smtp.connect.com.fj as the outgoing mail server.

6. For the last step of the wizard enter your account name, eg. your membername or mailbox id for a pop3, and make sure SPA is unticked. 

7. Once you have finished the wizard go to the Tools drop down menu and click on Accounts and press the Properties button. Go to the My server requires authentication, check the box and click Settings. 

8. Check the Log on using radio button and enter you email address eg. mailbox@yourdomain.com in the Account Name box and make sure Secure password authentication is unticked. You have now completed your mail configuration for Microsoft Outlook Express.



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