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Upgrade to a newer version of Eudora?


Some users have upgraded to Eudora 5.1. Although it is shareware, you could end up with annoying unsolicited advertisements.


Setting up Eudora Light with SMTP

1. Open Eudora Light and click on Tools from the menu bar. Select Options from the drop down menu. 

2. In the Category glider to the left, click on Checking Mail. In POP account enter the POP account name which you were given during adding a POP3 account.

3. In the Category glider, select Getting Started. Enter your desired name in Real Name and your return address in Return Address.

4. In the Category glider to the left, click on Hosts. For users in Fiji who have an account with Fiji's ISP, Internet Services, enter smtp.connect.com.fj.



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